Quick Installation Guide & Technical Specifications


Quick Installation Guide 


1. Connect your Gramofon

  • Plug the Gramofon into a wall socket using the power adaptor.
  • Connect the Gramofon to your sound system. Note: if your sound system does not support RCA connectors (provided cable), you might need an additional adaptor or use a jack cable.
  • Optional: if you want to connect the Gramofon to the internet via cable instead of WiFi, plug an Ethernet cable from your broadband router to the Gramofon.
  • Connect to the "Gramofon Configuration" WiFi signal. 


2. Configure your Gramofon


3. Listen to music

  • Download Spotify, AllPlay Jukebox or any other compatible music service app to listen to music from either of these services. 
  • Read our articles about the use of Spotify and how to use the playing features for detailed information.


Technical Specifications and Color code

SoC Qualcomm AR9341- 530MHz
WiFi 2X2 802.11bgn
Storage 16 MB Flash
Memory 64 MB DDR SDRAM
Audio AK4430 DAC
Audio connection 3.5mm jack (RCA adaptor provided)
Antennae  2 internal antenna 3dBi
Power input /
100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 190mA /
5V --- 1A
Power consumption 2,88 WRMS-3,92 WPeak
Dimensions 8,0 x 8,0 x 4,3cm
Network ports

1 WAN Ethernet port (up to 100Mbps) for connecting ADSL or cable mode

1 LAN Ethernet port (up to 100Mbps) for connecting computers

Security WPA2. Firewall protection.

1 private WPA2-PSK encrypted SSID ("Gramofon_XXXXXX") for personal use

Warranty 2 years


LED color code

The below color code applies to units running latest firmware version 3.1.9.
Some colors might vary if yours run an older version. 

  • Blue: Solid = Internet connected, Blinking = No internet
  • Green: Spotify playing music
  • Yellow: Firmware upgrading: Never disconnect to avoid irreversible damages!
  • Light blue: Music playing
  • Pink: Top button pressed
  • White: Stream goes back to previous track
  • Red: Solid = Powered on, Blinking = Ready to set up / Unable to finalize setup

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