Compatible apps

A bunch of music services are now available since the recent AllPlay integration!

This platform makes wireless and audio devices (phone, tablet, local server, or the cloud) work together, allowing to use two different music services (and control the volume) on different Gramofons at the same time, or the same song on a group of several Gramofons.

If you have any question related to a music service feature, please contact the corresponding music service directly, clicking on the links listed above.

Or, if you have further inquiries on upcoming music services integration, we will kindly ask you to get in touch with Qualcomm AllPlay. Their official website is available here.

Click on the links below to get more info on the music services you can use on your Gramofon:

Note 1: As AllPlay does not work with other platforms than iOS and Android, the Gramofon only works with the music services offered using iOS and Android, regardless of the other platforms the individual music services support.

Note 2: The grouping and multi-stream features are not available for all music services.


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