My Gramofon streams a "Fon WiFi" signal. Why is this?

If your Gramofon streams a "Fon WiFi" signal when it is connected to the internet, it means that you own a first generation Gramofon, that you received as a pledge reward for being Kickstarter backer, or purchased as a pre-order.

In both cases (exclusively) you agreed to share a little bit of your broadband with the Fon Community. In return, you have free access to millions of Fon Spots around the world. More information here.

We can deactivate the Fon service on a demand basis for specific units. To do this, please submit a support ticket providing the Gramofon MAC address (the one that appears on the Gramofon label).

None of the Gramofons sold through our official online shop since November 2014 feature the Fon sharing service. 


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