My Gramofon streams a "Fon WiFi" signal. Why is this?

If your Gramofon streams a "Fon WiFi" signal when it is connected to the internet, it means that you own a first generation Gramofon, that you received as a pledge reward for being Kickstarter backer, or purchased as a pre-order.

In both cases (exclusively) you agreed to share a little bit of your broadband with the Fon Community. In return, you have free access to millions of Fon Spots around the world. More information here.

The Kickstarter and pre-order customers received notice that they could ask for the deactivation of the Fon WiFi signal a few months after their purchase, through a mass one-time deactivation. As this has already been made more than a year ago, we cannot deactivate the Fon service on a demand basis for specific units.

If you require information/assistance regarding the Fon service or any related manipulation (registration), please submit a support ticket.

Since we started selling Gramofon through our official online shop (November 2014), none of them features the Fon sharing service. 


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