How is Gramofon different from other audio devices?

Gramofon turns your current sound system into an online music player. 

It comes with WiFi, so it overcomes all the limitations associated with using Bluetooth:

    • Higher sound quality
    • No need for pairing
    • Longer range
    • No interruptions when you receive a call or your phone runs out of battery
    • Multiple people can connect and play their own music
    • Drains less phone battery

Most simple sound systems have an audio jack that you can connect directly to the Gramofon. The Gramofon also comes with an RCA to 3.5mm jack adaptor, allowing you to connect it to a wider variety of devices.

It is also a WiFi extender, which means that as you add Gramofon's around your house you are actually extending your WiFi signal so your connection stays strong.


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