Firmware upgrade

Firmware version 3.1.9 is being rolled-out. Instead of pushing the upgrade command automatically as for previous upgrades, you will be able to choose the moment in which you would like to perform this change.

You can check the current firmware version of your Gramofon accessing its settings, through the Gramofon Setup app or its web interface:

  • If your Gramofon is running a firmware version prior to 3.0.15, you won't be able to receive the upgrade command as described below. In this case, please contact our Support team through a ticket providing the MAC ID of your Gramofon (the one that appears on the Gramofon label).
  • If your Gramofon is running firmware version 3.0.15 but the upgrade button doesn't appear as described below, it means the command failed to reach your unit. In this case, please contact our Support team through a ticket providing the MAC ID of your Gramofon (the one that appears on the Gramofon label).
  • If you use a firewall, please make sure that port 7547 is opened to enable the upgrade.

If your Gramofon is currently running firmware version 3.0.15, when consulting your Gramofon settings using the app, you should see a red download button appear at the left of the LED indicator. This button will not disappear until your Gramofon has been upgraded. 

To launch the upgrade, select your Gramofon from the list of "Gramofons around" and then press the button "Update your Gramofon now".


The LED will start flashing yellow, meaning that the upgrade is being performed. 

It will then start flashing red and yellow (booting), blinking blue (connecting to the internet) until getting to solid blue (connected to the internet). During this whole process, a countdown will be displayed within the app.


Your Gramofon has been upgraded successfully! 

If you ever perform a factory reset, your Gramofon will maintain the latest firmware version installed.

For your information, firmware version 3.0.15 implemented the multi-streaming and grouping modes, powered by Qualcomm AllPlay, which makes wireless and audio devices (phone, tablet, local server, or the cloud) work together, allowing to use two different music services on different Gramofons at the same time, or the same song on a group of several Gramofons. 

With version 3.1.9, new features such as disabling the WiFi repeater option or play, pause, and skip tracks using the LED button are now available.

If you are not sure your Gramofon has been upgraded to the latest firmware version (3.1.9), simply check the settings of your Gramofon opening the Gramofon Setup app.

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How do I restore the factory settings on my Gramofon?

Gramofon tutorial: how to factory reset your Gramofon from Fon on Vimeo.

Restoring the factory settings of your Gramofon might be necessary if you misconfigured it, if you lost the password of your management console or if you just want to restore default settings to make sure that no older settings is getting in the way of what you are trying to configure.

Here is how to get the Gramofon back to its default settings using its button:

  • While the Gramofon is powered OFF, press the top button and connect the power cable.
  • Hold the button while the Gramofon is powering up, but please don't release it when the LED is only flashing red, as this will not actually reset the Gramofon. You will first see a red, static LED, then a red flashing LED and finally a red and yellow flashing LED (it takes at least 18s to blink yellow and red).
  • Release the button as soon as you see the yellow/red flashing LED and allow to boot normally.
  • The Gramofon will be back to its factory settings and ready to set up (flashing red) using the Gramofon Setup app or its web interface.

The password of the Gramofon's web interface will be "admin", and private wireless signal will be named "Gramofon Configuration".


  • if right after performing a factory reset on the Gramofon the LED status is solid red, blue or yellow and does not follow the color scheme described above, please contact our Support team through a ticket providing the MAC ID of your Gramofon (the one that appears on the Gramofon label) and invoice number
  • the factory reset will not change the firmware version installed on your Gramofon

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Recommended router settings and network configuration

This article is provided for instructional purposes only. Gramofon Support team can't provide support for third-party devices. For any doubt about how to check or modify your router settings, please get in touch with your ISP or router vendor.


Here you will find all the basic requirements that your router settings and network configuration should meet in order to guarantee an enjoyable Gramofon user experience:

  • WiFi standard: your router must use 802.11 B/G/N-Mixed (only B or G or N, or AC not compatible)
  • Frequency: must be set to 2.4Ghz (5Ghz or dual band mode not supported)
  • Internet mode: must be set to DHCP (only one router should act as a DHCP server on your network in order to avoid address conflicts)
  • DNS: must use Google DNS servers, which means as primary IP and as secondary IP
  • Encryption protocol: must use WPA, WPA2 and WPA-PSK (WEP not supported): depending on the routers, one mode or a combination of two of them might influence the connectivity during the setup
  • WiFi password: must not include special characters such as " or $: if this is the case you'll need to modify it as they're not supported
  • Encryption mode: should be AES, as devices using deprecated encryption methods like WPA TKIP won't be able to take full advantage of 802.11n performance
  • Firewall: ports 53, 1812, 1813, 443 and 7547 must be open
  • MAC filter: if your router applies one, you'll need to add a new entry to authorize your Gramofon to get authenticated by your router. The MAC that you would need to use is the WiFi client MAC, meaning the one that appears on the Gramofon label adding +3 to the last digit (e.g. MAC on label is C4-71-30-42-2F-4C > WiFi client MAC is C4-71-30-42-2F-4F).
  • Note for FRITZ!Box routers: These routers offer plenty of configurable advanced settings. For this reason, it is possible that besides the above basic settings are applied, further customizations might create conflicts and affect Gramofon configuration or performance. Based on our experience managing cases involving FRITZ!Box routers, we could identify one additional settings requirement in order to enable a successful Gramofon set up. It consists of adding manually a DNS request from


To avoid any conflict on your network while setting up Gramofon, we strongly recommend you to:

  • Power off any other WiFi client or additional Gramofon connected on the network to which you wish to connect your Gramofon to
  • Remember that using WiFi repeater, extender or booster devices will compromise the performance of Gramofon, this is why you should always connect your Gramofon to your main router
  • Before repeating any new setup, performing a factory reset is required


If the recommendations above are not followed, we will not be able to guarantee a full compatibility of the Gramofon with your router, possibly causing the following issues:

      • Unable to detect your home WiFi network during the setup
      • Unable to complete the setup procedure
      • Connection performance issues 

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How do I use the WPS client mode?

Only Gramofons running firmware version 3.1.9 feature this option.

The WPS mode can be used for two connection types, without entering a password:

  1. Connect your device to a Gramofon connected to the internet via cable (configured in cable mode): to do so, enable the WPS client mode pressing the LED button for 5 seconds approximately (until the LED starts blinking blue) and then press the WPS command of your device so it connects automatically.
    Important: the WPS connection will fail if your Gramofon is configured in WiFi mode

  2. Connect a Gramofon to your home router: to do so, enable the WPS client mode pressing the LED button for 5 seconds approximately (until the LED starts blinking blue) and then press the WPS button of your home router so it connects automatically.

If your Gramofon gets in a loop (can't go out from WPS mode), simply perform a factory reset, and repeat the manipulation.

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My Gramofon fails to connect to my home router after I confirm the WiFi configuration details

This might occur if:

  • the WPA password of your home WiFi signal (to which you connect the Gramofon) includes a special character (e.g. " , $) or more than 63 chars: in this case you need to modify it to enable the connection.
  • the WPA password was introduced incorrectly: if you're using the web interface you'll see an "Authentication failure, password may be wrong" error message appear, and if you're using the app you'll get back to the WiFi selection screen. In any case, the LED will start blinking red again and you will have to repeat the operation using a correct password.
  • the signal quality is low: if you're using the web interface you'll see a warning appear on-screen, and if you're using the app you'll get back to the WiFi selection screen. In any case, the LED will start blinking red again and you will have to repeat the operation after checking your router's WiFi status and putting the Gramofon and the router closer.

If despite all above requirements are met your Gramofon still fails to connect to your home router, we suggest that you perform a factory reset and repeat the configuration process, following the guidelines strictly.

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When my Gramofon is on, I have WiFi issues

This might occur when there are too many interferences caused by WiFi devices. To solve this issue, simply disable the WiFi repeater on your Gramofon.

You can do this from the Gramofon settings accessible from the Gramofon Setup app. If you don't use a mobile device to configure your Gramofon and need to use a computer, you would need to perform a factory reset and set up again the Gramofon via its web interface, disabling the WiFi repeater. 

Note: Only Gramofons running firmware version 3.1.9 feature this option. 

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Disable public WiFi vs. WiFi repeater

Both concepts refer to 2 different functionalities offered by Gramofon.

WiFi repeater

From firmware version 3.1.9. you can enable or disable a WiFi repeater feature to extend your home WiFi signal (the one you use to connect the Gramofon to the internet) when configuring it. 

Please click here to know how to enable/disable this feature.

Public WiFi

If a "Fon WiFi" signal is broadcasted by your Gramofon when connected to the internet, it means you share your connection with the Fon Community.

Please click here for more information about why your Gramofon streams such a signal, and how to disable this feature.

Note: this action cannot be reversed.

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