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Where does the Gramofon ship?

The Gramofon can be ordered through our online shop and shipped to the countries of the European Union and the United States

Note: the Gramofon is also available through our Amazon shop in the US.

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How long does Gramofon usually take to arrive after I order?

Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery of a Gramofon.

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Why can't I reach PayPal checkout after entering my order details?

This happens when your PayPal account default currency is not set to € or $. In this case, after entering your order details and select PayPal as your payment method, you will be sent back to the order details view, or obtain a blank page.

This is an expected behaviour as our shop only accepts € and $. If you wish to purchase a Gramofon, you will need to change your PayPal account default currency into either € or $. If any help is required for this change, please get in touch with PayPal Customer Service.

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I haven't received a confirmation email after placing my order, has it been confirmed?

The main reasons why you might not receive a confirmation email after placing your order are:

  • the payment simply didn't go through: as orders are confirmed upon receiving payments, you can check your payment method statement to verify whether you were charged or not, no charge meaning no order was placed
  • you made a typo while inserting your contact email address: in this case please contact Customer Care submitting a ticket and including your order shipping details (email address as you think you inserted it + full name) 

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Can I cancel my order?

Yes... if you notify us quick!  Indeed, after a few days the order will be confirmed in our system and we'll be unable to stop the delivery process. Whenever this happens you'll have to reject the delivery and once the order has been sent back to our warehouse we'll be able to process the corresponding refund.

To cancel your Gramofon order please contact Customer Care submitting a ticket.

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Can I return my Gramofon and how?

You might want to return your Gramofon when you're not satisfied with the product. Fon allows for a return and refund if you contact us within 14 days of receipt of the unit.

After the 14 days withdrawal period no refund request will be accepted, but our Support team will always be available to help you operate and troubleshoot your unit if needed.

Gramofons will have to be returned in their box with all accessories (cables, booklets, etc.), and return costs will be assumed by the customer

In order to ensure the goods will reach their destination, we advise using a national post office track and trace service, for a cheaper and safer shipment.

More details about our Purchase Policy available here.

To return your Gramofon please contact Customer Care submitting a ticket.

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Gramofon Warranty Summary

The Gramofon has a 2 year warranty which begins at the time the customer receives their unit. For more information, please see the Fon General Purchase Terms here.

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How do I redeem a promocode?

If you received a promocode via email for a special campaign, from the Gramofon team, please follow these steps to use your discount:

  • Click here and introduce your country (of delivery). As soon as you see the suggestion appear below the field, select it and click on "Start shopping".
  • Introduce your ZIP code with no space and use the Tab key of your keyboard (or click on a non-clickable part of the page) to leave the field. The page will load to update the information.
  • Introduce your promocode with no space and use the Tab key of your keyboard (or click on a non-clickable part of the page) to leave the field. The page will load to update the information.
  • Click on the "Use" yellow button and wait for the page to load.
  • Updated price will appear, click on "Continue" and introduce your personal data, you'll then reach the check out.

Note: as promocodes are one-time use, you need to complete the purchase process. If not, you will not be able to redeem your promocode anymore.

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I purchased my Gramofon through Amazon

Any fulfillment request related to a Gramofon bought through Amazon will need to be addressed directly to Amazon. 

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