Can I return my Gramofon and how?

You might want to return your Gramofon when you're not satisfied with the product. Fon allows for a return and refund if you contact us within 14 days of receipt of the unit.

After the 14 days withdrawal period no refund request will be accepted, but our Support team will always be available to help you operate and troubleshoot your unit if needed.

Gramofons will have to be returned in their box with all accessories (cables, booklets, etc.), and return costs will be assumed by the customer

In order to ensure the goods will reach their destination, we advise using a national post office track and trace service, for a cheaper and safer shipment.

More details about our Purchase Policy available here.

To return your Gramofon please contact Customer Care submitting a ticket.

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Gramofon Warranty Summary

The Gramofon has a 2 year warranty which begins at the time the customer receives their unit. For more information, please see the Fon General Purchase Terms here.

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I purchased my Gramofon through Amazon

Any fulfillment request related to a Gramofon bought through Amazon will need to be addressed directly to Amazon. 

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