This article offers a quick overview on the use of Spotify via Gramofon. If you have any question related to a feature, or you are experiencing an issue with the app performance, please visit the Spotify Community.

Please note that at the moment if you want to play music on your Gramofon via Spotify, you must be a Spotify Premium user and set your account to online mode.

You can play music on Spotify directly from your smartphone or tablet using the Spotify app (for iOS and Android). Click here to check Spotify availability for your country. Or you can also play music directly from your desktop installing Spotify on your computer.

IMPORTANT: you can't stream two different Spotify songs from the same device to two different Gramofons. To use the AllPlay multi-streaming feature, you would need to use two different Spotify Premium accounts.


How to play music on Spotify

  • Connect your device (smartphone/tablet) to your WiFi signal. Once paired, your device will be able to connect automatically to the Gramofon (no need to repeat pairing at each use).
  • Play any song in Spotify (click here for more info on how to use Spotify) and select the song by clicking on it as it appears on the bottom bar:


  • A larger window opens with the song info. Tap the little loudspeaker on the lower right hand side:


  • Spotify Connect will now ask you to select the device you want to connect the Spotify signal to. Select your Gramofon:


  • Spotify will now be playing music through the Gramofon.


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